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Latest Headlines

Reasons to be skeptical about the value of private exchanges

Though private health insurance exchanges haven risen in popularity in recent years, not everyone is convinced that they are the consumer-friendly benefits solution they're cracked up to be.

How health insurers can thrive in the private exchange market [Q&A]

To find out more about how the rise of private exchanges have changed the industry and what insurers can expect in the future,  FierceHealthPayer  speaks to Ashok Subramanian, co-founder and CEO of private exchange company Liazon.   

Aetna's plan to disrupt the healthcare industry

Before Aetna gained national attention with its plan to merge with fellow health insurer Humana, CEO Mark Bertolini has been hard at work trying to disrupt what he sees as a broken healthcare system, according to a  strategy+business  blog post.    

3 ideas to improve private health exchanges

As private health insurance exchanges continue to gain steam--albeit possibly slower than expected--they still struggle with a fundamental flaw.

Private exchanges may promote payer-provider collaboration

Employers' continued interest in private health insurance exchanges likely will lead to a boost in industry innovation and an increase in payer-provider collaboration, according to a new report from Leavitt Partners.

Private exchanges are gaining popularity--but slowly

Companies are shifting ownership of health benefits to their employees through private health insurance exchanges--but at a slower rate than previously thought, according to a recent survey by Aetna-owned Bswift.

Business outlook for private insurance exchanges remains strong

The business outlook for  private insurance exchanges continues to improve even though the products have yet to reach their full potential.

Nearly all companies plan to stick with employer-sponsored health plans

Nearly all employers who now offer insurance to full-time workers will continue to do so in 2016, though the likelihood of offering covering five years from now dips slightly.

Can private exchanges save employer-sponsored plans?

The price tag of employer-sponsored plans is set to increase come 2018 when the Cadillac tax goes into effect. However, private and public employers can take a new approach by offering privately run health insurance exchanges

Private exchange CEO: 'People tend to find what they want'

Growing private insurance exchange enrollment shows that employers want to offer a variety of individual plans to a diverse set of would-be enrollees, according to Ron Goldstein, CEO of California-based private exchange Choice Administrators.