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Latest Headlines

Insurers: Time is right to enter private exchange business

There's no time like the present for health insurance companies to get into the private exchange business. That's the opinion of many industry experts, and even payers, who believe the private exchange industry is poised for "extreme growth."

Private exchanges are gaining popularity--but slowly

Companies are shifting ownership of health benefits to their employees through private health insurance exchanges--but at a slower rate than previously thought, according to a recent survey by Aetna-owned Bswift.

Blue Cross Blue Shield to change how retirees purchase health insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield companies (BCBS) are changing how they offer health insurance to retirees. BCBS will launch an insurance exchange this summer to support employers' efforts to shift retirees from group health benefits to individual coverage that begins Jan 1., 2016.

Experts predict private exchanges could see 300% growth this year

About 2.5 million people have enrolled in private health insurance exchanges so far. Industry experts predict that number could grow by three times that amount this year.

Other industries influence what consumers want from healthcare

There's been a lot of talk since the Affordable Care Act was passed that the health insurance industry must focus on and engage more with its consumers the way other industries do, particularly in retail and travel.

Brokers see increased shift of employees to private exchanges

With looming healthcare costs on the rise,  employers continue to shift their employees to a private exchange. In 2014, nearly 3 out of 4 brokers had clients who stopped providing coverage for their employees and told them to purchase their own health insurance, according to a recent survey from Benefitter.

Employers continue to shift workers onto private exchanges

In a changing healthcare industry, employers are rethinking the way they provide coverage to their employees--namely, they are shifting more costs onto workers.

Report: Companies increase worker cost sharing

As companies adjust to the post-healthcare reform market, many have been raising the costs employees have to cover for their health insurance, according to a new study from Aflac.

Walgreens, Home Depot shift employees to insurance exchanges

Two large companies--Walgreens and Home Depot--recently announced they're shifting some employees to health insurance exchanges, citing escalating health costs as the primary driver.

Horizon creates private exchange for large employers

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield in New Jersey has established its own private online marketplace that will sell defined contribution health plans and operate alongside the federally-run online marketplace that will be available in the state this October.