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Latest Headlines

Increased Medicaid payments increases appointment availability

Increasing Medicaid reimbursements for primary care in turn raised payments to Medicare levels in both 2013 and 2014.

EHR analysis can flag undiagnosed diabetes

In a paper urging the use of electronic diabetes registries, researchers illustrated that analysis of coding in electronic health records and the use of algorithms to sort through biochemical data can flag a significant number of people with undiagnosed diabetes.

Payers, providers disagree over how to lower healthcare costs

The largest insurer and hospital system in Maine each have their own opinions about how to best lower healthcare costs in the state. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maine thinks there should be more community-based primary care options, while MaineHealth wants to focus on economic development and growth, reported  Government Health IT.

AMA's RUC panel skews payments toward specialists

The American Medical Association's power in determining the relative value of the services physicians provide plays an outsize role in favoring specialist physicians and driving up the costs of healthcare delivery in the United States,  Politico  reported.

3 ways an innovative medical clinic can benefit insurers

One medical clinic may single-handedly transform how primary care is delivered--and insurers could benefit by taking notice. In a post on LinkedIn, Elizabeth Bierbower, president of Humana's employer group segment, wrote about her experience while visiting Iora Health's Freelancers Clinic in Brooklyn, New York.

Payers: Emphasize primary care to lower costs

If insurers emphasize primary care to their members instead of specialty care, they can help lower healthcare costs, according to a panel of insurance experts speaking in Philadelphia.

WellPoint offers payer perspective on medical homes

The patient-centered medical home is not just the primary care physician or the hospital. The approach entails payers, both public and private, that must adapt to a continental shift away from fee-for-service payments, Amy Cheslock, vice president of payment innovation at WellPoint, said Friday at a briefing.

Adding community info to EHRs could prevent obesity, researchers say

As healthcare data mining grows in popularity, so do the calls to add more non-clinical data points to EHRs. The latest study finds incorporating community-level data might help doctors tailor their care and researchers better understand factors related to obesity.

Clinics can lower costs for payers and providers

To eliminate financial burdens for both payers and providers, organizations should turn to health clinics that provide primary care for low-income patients, according to researchers from Penn State Altoona.

Physician availability depends on coverage type

Despite coverage expansion under the Affordable Care Act, the law does not guarantee physicians' availability or willingness to accept a patient's form of insurance, a new study from JAMA New Medicine finds.