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Latest Headlines

Economy blamed for drop in routine care

The economy could be the reason many North Americans and Europeans--most notably Americans--are more reluctant to get routine medical care, according to research published in  Social Science Quarterly.

Lawsuit: Anthem mail-order pharmacy program discriminates

Anthem Blue Cross of California faces a lawsuit for allegedly discriminating against certain members with chronic diseases, including HIV/AIDS and cancer, by forcing them to obtain prescriptions using a mail-order pharmacy.

BCBS requires pre-approval to curb painkiller abuse

In an effort to curb drug abuse, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has implemented a strict, new policy requiring its members to receive pre-approval to take certain pain medications. Under the

Lower copays help ensure medication adherence

When insurance companies charge higher copays, parents don't fill their children's asthma medications as frequently as recommended, according to a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the

Docs' shunning of generics drives up health costs

Physicians who put three simple words on prescriptions could be condemning their patients to not follow the regimen, reports Reuters Health. Writing "dispense as written" on prescriptions rules out

As health costs rise, patients cut back

It's no surprise: as health costs rise, consumers are cutting back on the services they use. For example, physician office visits fell 1.2 percent between July 2007 and 2008, according to one study.