Prescription Drug Costs

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Latest Headlines

Insurers jump into battle over drug prices at state level

Health insurers in Virginia want to require more pricing transparency from the pharmaceutical industry, but drug companies are pushing back by saying this could be the first step toward government-related price controls that would stifle future innovations, according to an Associated Press article.  

10 health insurance stories to watch in 2016

It looks as though change will continue to be a constant in the health insurance industry in 2016. After all, this is the age of the Affordable Care Act, a massively disruptive force that continues...

Employer health plans spend almost twice as much on drugs than national spending

While spending on prescription drugs accounts for only 10 percent of national spending on health, it makes up almost 19 percent of spending for employer health plans, writes Kaiser Family Foundation President and CEO Drew Altman writes in a blog post for the  Washington Post.

Are insurers to blame for skyrocketing drug prices?

Drug prices are increasing due to the fact that many health insurers cover few prescriptions, including those that are old and should be priced very low, Scott Gottleib of the American Enterprise Institute writes in a post for  Forbes.   

Insurers, manufacturers consider compromise in drug-price debate

Drug makers and insurance companies may finally be leaning toward some form of mutual understanding and compromise about rising prescription prices, according to  STAT News.

Report: Insurance premium hikes largely mirror healthcare spending

Health insurance premium increases are being primarily driven by inpatient and outpatient hospital spending, according to a new analysis. 

HHS announces forum to address rising drug costs

The federal government has announced it will hold a public forum to address the growing concern about the high costs of prescription drugs. 

Health plan CEOs: Prescription drugs pose major cost concerns

With the spotlight shining brighter than ever on the rising cost of prescription drugs, two health plan executives spoke on Friday about how the trend is putting pressure on their margins and their members.

Clinton unveils plan to cap monthly costs for Rx drugs

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton introduced a policy plan Tuesday that addresses the cost of prescription drugs and builds on the Affordable Care Act.

Pharmacy integration helped BCBS of Rhode Island lower costs, improve care

Guest post by Beth Herbert-Silvia, managing director/AVP of pharmacy at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Although pharmaceutical costs are a key driver of healthcare costs, it's...