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Latest Headlines

How sharing ministries steer members away from actual health insurance

"I hope they don't take anything away from us." Those were the words of a Baptist minister from Georgia named Daniel, uttered in my living room about five years ago as the Affordable...

After three extensions, payers, patients say goodbye to high-risk pools

The Affordable Care Act's temporary insurance program for high-risk patients is finally ending as planned--after three extensions.

With ACA, ambivalence seems best course

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has become the policy equivalent of cheese-stuffed pizza crust or reality show housewives. The American public disapproves of their existence while simultaneously...

Could narrow networks discourage expensive consumers from enrolling?

Insurers have clearly demonstrated their belief that narrow network plans will help them soften the impact of rising costs associated with new members under the reform law. But could the increased use of narrow networks also be a strategy to help avoid enrolling consumers with expensive, pre-existing conditions?

70% of consumers with pre-existing conditions unsure about insurance

Almost 70 percent of uninsured consumers with a pre-existing condition haven't yet decided whether they will buy coverage when the health insurance exchanges open in October, according to a survey from InsuranceQuotes.com, a Web-based insurance quote service.

CareFirst wants 25% rate hike to cover costs of sicker, older members

CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield has proposed raising rates by 25 percent for individuals and small businesses who purchase plans on the Maryland health insurance exchange next year.

Study: Medical claims costs to jump 32% by 2017

By 2017, insurers will be spending an average of 32 percent more for their individual members' medical claims, according to a new study from the Society of Actuaries.

California moves quickly on reform law implementation

California lawmakers are working quickly to implement the health reform law and overhaul the state's insurance market, making the state a testing ground for many of the reform's provisions, the Los Angeles Times reported.

HHS issues rules on pre-existing conditions, wellness programs

Insurers finally got their long-awaited wish for more information on how to implement the reform law when the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services released proposed rules on three key pieces of the legislation.

States beef up child-only insurance requirements

As insurers try to find loopholes to complying with the health reform law's requirement that they cover children younger than 19 with pre-existing conditions, states have beefed up their own laws to ensure coverage.