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Latest Headlines

President Obama: Let Medicare officials negotiate drug prices

In his recent 2016 budget request to Congress,  President Barack Obama expressed growing concerns over the high costs of Medicare prescription drugs. His solution to the problem: Let Medicare officials negotiate prices with drug manufacturers. Currently, federal law prohibits such negotiations.

Hospital, psychiatrists in Texas feel blowback from kickback schemes

Kickback schemes involving state employees and healthcare facilities are alive and well in Texas. Over the last several weeks, separate fraud investigations have cost one hospital more than $21 million and forced the resignation of two state psychiatrists who took payments from AstraZeneca. 

Second-largest pharmacy operator in settlement negotiations for two federal fraud lawsuits

The second-largest pharmacy operator in the nation has agreed to settle two federal fraud lawsuits that allege the company illegally pushed anti-seizure medication and potentially addictive Schedule II drugs to nursing home patients. The terms and amount of each settlement have not yet been disclosed.  

Patient advocates, drug companies hope to block insurers from lowering drug costs

Patient advocate groups, supported by drug companies, are hoping to put a damper on insurers' efforts to lower rising drug costs, reported  Bloomberg. A campaign called Cap the Copay, which is financed by Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies, is pushing for state laws that require insurers cover most drug costs by limiting the amount they can charge members each month.

23andMe to use customer data to develop its own medicine

Genetics startup 23andMe is going from providing genetic information to consumers and pharmaceutical companies to creating its own medicines.

Without accountability, pharma will happily keep dishing out kickback settlements

One recent Friday night, I desperately searched for a parking spot in one of San Diego's busier neighborhoods. The dinner rush was on. I circled several city blocks at an increasingly wider...

Elizabeth Warren's 'swear jar' might even playing field for pharmaceutical fraud

Since she assumed office in 2013, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has developed a reputation as an emboldened Senator who is more than willing to be the face of resistance against multibillion...

Payer-pharma partnerships move 'beyond the pill'

Pharamceutical companies should implement "beyond-the-pill" strategies that move past their traditional business model and work with payers in new ways to meet the challenges facing the healthcare industry.

OIG: Drug companies must do more to stop Part D co-pay coupon abuse

Drug companies aren't doing enough to stop customers from using co-payment coupons to pay for Medicare Part D  prescription drugs, according to a report  by the Office of Inspector General. 

Payers want more data for drug coverage decisions

Payers need more outcomes data--clinical, economic and humanistic--from drug manufacturers for more informed decision-making, Managed Health Executive reported.