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Latest Headlines

Proposed skilled nursing facility payment rule: Health IT, HIE 'essential'

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is continuing its strategy to  nudge non-Meaningful Use providers to adopt electronic health records and participate in health information exchanges (HIEs), this time via its proposed 2016 payment rule for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs).

UnitedHealthcare expands mHealth app with payment, Fitbit functionality

UnitedHealthcare plan members can now pay medical bills via the provider's mobile app, Health4Me; the payer's mHealth software is the first to have an electronic bill-payment service, according to an announcement.

Hidden fees plague consumers and insurers

Hidden fees continue to plague both consumers and insurers.  "It's probably easier to get into the FBI confidential files than to see a hospital charge master. We should know the price of a procedure before we do it,"  Shaun Green, chief operating officer of Arches Health Plan in Salt Lake City, tells  FierceHealthPayer.   

Mobile payment tech spurs faster global healthcare services

Mobile digital payment technology is not only changing healthcare delivery on a global front, it's fostering greater access to services and enabling more cost-effective healthcare for patients and providers, as illustrated by three real-world scenarios reported on by  The Guardian.