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Latest Headlines

Harvard Pilgrim excludes high-priced hospitals in new limited network

Harvard Pilgrim has created a new limited network of moderately priced providers that reduces insurance costs by 10 percent. The insurer's decision is the latest move by the Massachusetts healthcare

Payer-provider lines blur, Partners acquires nonprofit insurer

Partners HealthCare System Inc., the largest hospital and physicians network in Massachusetts, is acquiring Neighborhood Health Plan, a Boston-based nonprofit insurer, which accounts for more than

Hospitals are not exempt from FDA app regulation, legal experts warn

Hospital CIOs need to be careful about the apps they're creating, FDA experts warn. Brad Thompson, an FDA attorney with EpsteinBeckerGreen in Washington, D.C., was emphatic in comments at the World

Partners increases prenatal care for young women with text messaging

With so many young adults embracing text messaging as their preferred means of communication, Partners HealthCare System was able to boost the level of prenatal care delivered to young, pregnant

Partners HealthCare focuses on cost reductions

Partners Healthcare, Massachusett's largest healthcare system, will initially focus on care for patients receiving treatment for colon cancer, strokes, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The intent

Texting improves medication adherence, patient health

Text messages containing both medication reminders and information about a specific skin condition helped greatly improve adherence to treatment regimens, self-care behaviors and quality of life

Investment losses again impact nonprofit hospitals' bottom lines

In late 2009 and early 2010, not-for-profit hospitals seemed to enjoy a brief reprieve from the heavy investment losses they suffered throughout the recession. But no more: At least three hospital

Partners study shows higher med adherence with 'smart' pill bottles

Patients who used a pill-bottle cap with a wireless transmitter to track medication adherence were far more likely to stay on their drug regimens than those in a control group, preliminary results of

Massachusetts Senate approves $100 million insurance fee for flush hospitals

Analyses by the Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy (DHCFP) painted a rosy financial picture for many of the state's hospitals, so the Massachusetts Senate didn't appear to think

DOJ investigating Partners HealthCare System for potential antitrust violations

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is conducting a civil investigation of Partners HealthCare System Inc., a regional hospital and physician network founded in 1994 by Boston-based Brigham and Women's