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Latest Headlines

Survey: Big employers may shift workers to private exchanges

Insurers might see even more consumers enrolling in plans sold through health insurance exchanges based on new survey findings that some large employers may switch their workers to the online marketplaces.

Employers must take ownership of employee wellness motivation

Health insurers are busily brewing up new and better health plans with a strong wellness and disease prevention components to tempt employers that provide health insurance, but those plans could be

Consumer, business groups call for tough MU rules, but providers may win this one

Just about every provider-related organization out there has called on CMS to scale back its requirements for "meaningful use" of EMRs, at least for Stage 1 of the Medicare and Medicaid incentive

Number of on-site corporate clinics continue to increase

The trend has been slowly gathering steam for some time now, and of late it seems to be hitting its stride. A growing number of large companies, including Cisco Systems, Walt Disney Co., Harrah's