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Latest Headlines

Skimpy plans thrive due to ACA 'quirk'

Cheap health insurance plans providing minimal coverage are staying alive in the market thanks to an Affordable Care Act loophole that lets employers offer meager coverage as long as they offer one plan complying with ACA requirements, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Consumer Reports blasts 'junk' mini-med health plans

Mini-med health plans are "junk," and individuals should avoid them entirely, according to a new report published in the March issue of Consumer Reports magazine. Big insurers like Cigna and Aetna

Maine's MLR exemption leads to bill for individual waivers

After Maine received the first waiver exempting its health insurers from the medical-loss ratio requirement and the Obama administration announced it has granted more than 1,000 waivers to mini-med

Mini-med health plans offer false sense of protection

Senators are criticizing mini-med health insurance policies, saying they offer too limited benefits and provide a false sense of protection from expensive illnesses, according to the New York Times.