Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Brokers divided on launching private exchanges

Private health insurance exchanges are impacting the future of benefits and where consumers obtain their coverage, say leaders at some of the top insurance broker companies.

Consumer-driven health plans on the rise

Enrollment in consumer-driven health plans continues to grow, while HMO and PPO enrollment is one the decline. Consulting firm Mercer offers three factors that are contributing to the shift.

Kaiser docs use video to take a step forward into patients' homes

Two Kaiser Permanente doctors are treating patients via video conferencing as part of a new free telemedicine program aimed at reducing costs, boosting improving patient care and luring new clients.

More employers look to exchanges for health benefits

Employers, both big and small, are increasingly moving toward using health insurance exchanges to provide their workers' health benefits. The companies offer their employees a fixed amount of money so they can shop for and select a plan available from an online marketplace, reported The Wall Street Journal.

10 insurers to sell plans on Mercer's private exchange

Consulting company Mercer announced Monday that 10 major insurers will provide health coverage through its private exchange, called Mercer Marketplace.