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Latest Headlines

Hearing hashes out pros, cons of Medicare Advantage's growing role

At a congressional hearing about ensuring the fiscal stability of the Medicare program, experts and lawmakers discussed the role Medicare Advantage plans have played in altering how Medicare operates--and what role they should play in the future.

Study casts doubt on conventional wisdom about healthcare spending

A new study reveals that the conventional wisdom about healthcare spending may be wrong, as areas of the country that spend less on Medicare do not necessarily have lower overall healthcare costs.  

Medicare trust fund to run out by 2030, trustees say

The main trust fund that finances Medicare's hospital insurance coverage will run out in 2030, the program's trustees said in a report issued Wednesday, adding that while this is unchanged from last year's projection the long-term funding outlook has improved.

The impact of policy changes, long-term forecasting on Medicare spending

The Medicare program has experienced significant changes that make long-term financial forecasts difficult to trust when making policy decisions. Instead, policymakers should focus on containing the program's costs today,  according to a  brief from Commonwealth Fund.

Medicare growth strains healthcare system

As the Baby Boomer population enters its Medicare years, beneficiaries tend to be sicker than their predecessors. They also live longer. The combination will strain both beneficiaries themselves and the Medicare system at large.

What caused the Medicare spending slowdown?

Back in 2009, the Congressional Budget Office predicted that Medicare spending would be $706 billion in 2014. But spending will end up amounting to $580 billion.    A number of factors contributed to this  $126 billion gap, according to a new analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Medicare spending slowdown: Thank Part D

Medicare spending is slowing down drastically--thanks, for the most part, to Part D. The Medicare prescription drug program has accounted for more than 60 percent of Medicare spending cuts since 2011,  ac cording to  a  Health Affairs  blog post.

MedPAC offers tips to improve Medicare payments

While the Medicare program continues to change and evolve, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) recommends the following considerations in its annual report to enhance Medicare payment systems.

Low-value care cost Medicare $8.5B

Despite efforts to increase efficiency in healthcare, a substantial number of Medicare beneficiaries receive low-value services, concludes a new JAMA study.

CBO: Physician payments, utilization rates slow Medicare spending

Medicare spending per person will slow down over the next decade, partly due to beneficiaries who are getting younger and using fewer services, according to a new monthly budget review from the Congressional Budget Office.