Medicare Part B premiums

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Latest Headlines

Seniors spared full Medicare premium hike now, but will pay later

A budget deal reached by Congress will keep a large number of seniors from getting hit in the wallet next year for a full 52 percent increase in their Medicare Part B premiums. However, the financial relief comes in the form of a "loan" that those seniors will need to pay back over the next nine years, according to the  National Journal.

Tentative budget deal would avert rise in Medicare Part B premiums

Congressional leaders and the White House have reached a tentative budget deal, which if passed would prevent a rise in Medicare Part B premiums for some seniors.

State budgets could take a big hit from rising Medicare premiums

Unless they get some federal relief, state Medicaid agencies will need to come up with millions of dollars to cover a significant increase in Medicare premiums, according to Crain's   Chicago Busine ss.