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How does reform's Medicaid provision impact payers?

The high court decided that the federal government can offer funds for states to expand Medicaid coverage to new individuals and that states accepting such funds must obey by the accompanying rules.

WellPoint could make $100B covering dual eligibles

WellPoint said it stands to make $100 billion by providing insurance for the dual-eligible market, which consists of certain Medicare and Medicaid enrollees who are eligible for both government

State Medicaid plan reverts to fee for service

After more than a decade of operating under managed care, Connecticut's Medicaid program has gone back to a fee-for-service payment model, Stateline Health News reported. The reversion to fee for

Medical home cost savings questioned

Medical homes, a concept of fortifying primary care mainly for Medicaid enrollees in order to improve their health and returns on dollars spent, have come under fire in recent studies, Stateline

Insurers vying for $300B dual-eligible market

Health insurers are acquiring managed care companies in hopes of tapping into the $300 billion dual-eligible market, which is made up of certain Medicare and Medicaid enrollees who are eligible for

Maine Governor seeks to cut 65K enrollees from Medicaid

Maine's governor wants to go further than most states and cut some 65,000 Medicaid enrollees to close budget gaps in the program, reported Stateline Health News and the Kennebec Journal. The proposal

State mulls raising Medicaid copays to save funds

Colorado is considering co-payments for its Medicaid enrollees, one of several options it is weighing as it grapples with increasing costs to treat that population, reported the Denver Post. Among

State Medicaid program faces sudden $45M deficit

The state of Wisconsin planned a significant portion of its Medicaid budget around a $45 million payment from the Obama Administration. With news that that check is no longer in the mail, lawmakers

Uninsured number down, government costs up by 2016, RAND study finds

The proportion of uninsured residents will decline significantly under health reform initiatives once reform efforts are fully implemented by 2016, according to an examination by the RAND

State panel that decides healthcare costs stirs controversy

A panel in Washington State has the authority to approve medical procedures and devices for approximately 750,000 state employees and Medicaid enrollees, reports the New York Times. The panel, known