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Latest Headlines

What to expect from the Medicaid managed care proposal

The federal government will soon propose new regulations to  Medicaid managed care rules for the first time since 2002. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services--which has been working on updating the regulations for more than a year--plans to address beneficiary information, provider network requirements and how plans spend money they receive from the program.

States struggle to entice Medicaid enrollees to participate in incentive programs

Iowa, New Mexico and nearly a dozen other states have begun offering incentives to Medicaid beneficiaries to help them make healthier decisions and, in turn, save the program money, reported  Kaiser Health News. 

Early results from Medicaid ACO programs show promise

For the past few years, skeptics have questioned whether accountable care organizations actually meet their goal of creating long-term savings. Early results from Medicaid ACO programs in Colorado, Oregon and Minnesota may prove them wrong.

3 ways for states to integrate health and social services

States looking to integrate health and social services, especially for Medicaid beneficiaries, can establish a system that would coordinate and finance a variety of services that affect health, including social supports and economic opportunities, according to a recent report from the Commonwealth Fund.

New patient appointment availability depends on insurance coverage

Although patients may now have insurance through health insurance exchanges, the coverage doesn't guarantee that physicians will accept it, according to a new study from  JAMA New Medicine.

Physician availability depends on coverage type

Despite coverage expansion under the Affordable Care Act, the law does not guarantee physicians' availability or willingness to accept a patient's form of insurance, a new study from JAMA New Medicine finds.

Foreign-trained doctors become America's NPs

Many foreign-educated doctors don't have the time, money or language skills to compete for and complete a residency.  But they can use their knowledge and skills to become nurse practitioners, bringing diversity to the workforce and serving  minority pop ulations, the  National Journal   re ported

How hospitals can control Medicaid 'super-users'

Hospitals can cut costs and improve patient care by setting up care delivery models that target Medicaid patients who have complex, unaddressed health issues and a history of frequent encounters with healthcare providers, according to The Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS).

Medicaid providers employ excluded docs, OIG says

Medicaid managed care providers are employing individuals who are ineligible to serve Medicaid patients, according to an Office of Inspector General report released this weekend.

Scammers imprisoned after stealing IDs of Medicaid recipients

Two fraudsters responsible for a multi-million fraud ring to steal the identities of Medicaid beneficiaries, were sentenced this week to face more than 25 years in prison and to pay back the Internal