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Payers must decide how much data to share with ACO providers

You know how when you go on a first date, you're careful not to divulge too much nitty-gritty information about yourself? Instead, most experienced daters prefer to reveal tidbits of their personal lives slowly, so as not to scare their dates off too early with tales of rough childhoods and embarrassing habits. They key to successful dates and early relationships often is a delicate give-and-take balance of sharing some information, but not too much. That's kind of how payers and providers are acting toward each other as they navigate the accountable care waters. Payers don't always want to spill all their beans, disclosing too much information too quickly, closely guarding their long-held secrets. And providers don't want to move forward with their dates if they remain tight-lipped about important information.

8 vendors providers will turn to when replacing their EHR

Eight electronic health record vendors come out on top as the most likely users will turn to when replacing their systems, according to a new index published by Black Book Rankings.

Tomosynthesis demand on the rise

The demand for breast tomosynthesis continues to increase according to a report issued last week by Orem, Utah-based market research firm KLAS. Sixty-two percent of 121 imaging providers surveyed by KLAS said they would choose tomosynthesis if they had the chance to start over.

Study: Providers take easy route when adding patient portals

Hospitals opt for convenience when they choose a patient portal to go with their electronic health record systems, according to a new study released Jan 2 by KLAS Research.

Smaller hospitals ditch EHRs, but still not happy

More than 200 small hospitals changed or replaced their EHR system in 2011, primarily due to economic pressures.

Smaller hospitals ditch EHRs--but still not happy

External pressure is forcing small hospitals to transition to different EHR systems, according to a new brief from KLAS Research. More than 200 small hospitals changed or replaced their EHR system in 2011. 

Cost, functionality weigh heavily on PACS decisions for providers

Ambulatory and community hospital providers are looking for value when they evaluate PACS replacements, according to new research from KLAS. 

Mobile X-ray: Wireless connectivity often problematic

With providers embracing features like mobility, wireless connectivity and image quality, demand for mobile X-ray devices continues to grow, according to a recently released KLAS report, "Mobile Digital X-ray 2012: Moving in the Right Direction."

EMR vendors: When it comes to mobile, listen to your customers

If you believe the marketing puffery put out by electronic medical record vendors these days, their applications running on smartphones and tablets are just what the doctor ordered. However, a...

Mobile security a primary concern for docs

Seventy percent of healthcare respondents in a recent survey conducted by research firm KLAS indicated that they are using mobile devices to access clinical applications from almost every major electronic medical record vendor, including Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, GE, McKesson, MEDITECH, and Siemens.