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Latest Headlines

Study: Imbalance in GME fund distribution

Researchers identified an imbalance in how Medicare allocates its $10 billion a year for graduate medical education (GME)--distribution that's crucial considering most medical residents practice near where they train

3 factors for state exchange success

Despite setbacks, state-run insurance exchanges are exceeding federal enrollment targets in California, Connecticut, Kentucky, New York, Rhode Island and Washington. But why are the states succeeding while new issues keep preventing people enrolling in health plans through the federal marketplace?

White House: 700K complete exchange applications

The Obama administration on Thursday said 700,000 people have completed applications to begin shopping for insurance through the new online marketplaces, Kaiser Health News reported.

Medicare tries to steer seniors away from ACA exchanges

Medicare officials are mounting an effort to prevent Medicare beneficiaries from enrolling in new health insurance exchanges, Kaiser Health News reports.

HHS launches national video contest to promote healthcare reform

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is spending $30,000 on prizes for a national video contest, designed to appeal to the healthy young adults who are critical to the success of the Affordable Care Act, Kaiser Health News reports.

How Essentia Health uses remote monitoring for accountable care success

Essentia Health in Duluth, Minn., has used telemedicine to remotely monitor congestive heart failure patients since 1998, helping provide the company the "competence and confidence to move forward as an accountable care organization," John Smylie, the company's chief operations officer, told  Kaiser Health News.  

High-deductible plans increase bad debt, hospitals say

The growing popularity of high-deductible insurance plans is leaving more hospitals stuck with unpaid bills,  Kaiser Health News  reported.  

Survey: Docs don't blame themselves for rising healthcare costs

One in six U.S. doctors believe they have some responsibility for reducing healthcare costs, but the major burden belongs to trial lawyers, health insurers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical device makers and even patients.

More docs head back to school for their MBAs

For the first time, healthcare has more students in MIT's executive MBA program than any other industry, making up one in five members of the class of 2014.

Most Medicaid docs haven't received promised 2013 pay raise

Few Medicaid doctors have received their promised 2013 pay raise, which was slated to begin in January under the Affordable Care Act, even though the government has given its approval to 48 states to start paying higher rates.