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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

IRS will levy stiff fines for moving employees to exchanges

Companies won't likely move away from employer-based coverage to instead offer stipends for their employees to buy plans through health insurance exchanges, reported the New York Times.

Feds issue incorrect subsidies

Hundreds of thousands of people may have received larger subsidies than they deserve, due to inaccurate income information, reports the Washington Post.

AHA asks IRS for more clarity on charity care rules

The American Hospital Association wants the Internal Revenue Service to clarify the types of mistakes and omissions involving specific charitable care financial assistance policies for patients that will lead to a hospital violation,  AHA News Now  reported.

Employer mandate gets another delay

The Obama administration has again postponed a portion of the employer mandate. This time, mid-sized companies recieved a reprieve until January 2016 to provide employees with insurance coverage or pay penalties.

IRS casts wide net for insurers in health tax final rule

The Internal Revenue Service has issued final regulations laying out how it will collect new taxes on health insurance companies predicted to generate almost $60 billion over the next five years to help pay for premium subsidies.

IRS will have big issues collecting ACA-related penalties

The Internal Revenue Service will likely have little recourse to obtain tax penalties from those Americans who violate the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate by not getting health insurance next year,  USA Today  reported.

IRS sets penalties for patients who skip reform coverage

The Internal Revenue Service has finalized penalties for individuals who do not obtain health insurance under healthcare reform.

AHA asks Congress to preserve financing, donation rules

As Congress continues to scrutinize how to change the tax code regarding the regulation of non-profit organizations, the American Hospital Association submitted its proposals to the Senate Finance Committee on what the government should retain and change.

Med device tax concerns radiology groups, clinicians

Medical device industry payments to the Internal Revenue Service have passed the $1 billion mark, according to a recent announcement from the The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance, the Advanced Medical Technology Association and the Medical Device Manufacturers Association.

AHA asks Congress to modify community health needs proposed rules

The American Hospital Association  urged Congress to make changes to the IRS'  proposed rules for community health needs assessments  and sanctions for charity hospitals that do not comply with the Affordable Care Act.