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Latest Headlines

Industry jargon trips up millennials' health insurance enrollment process

Young adults have a particularly challenging time signing up for a plan sold on the federal health insurance exchange largely because of confusing industry jargon, according to a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Consumers struggle with confusing health plan names

Many consumers and consumer advocates say the names of insurance plans are unhelpful, and at times confusing and misleading, reports the New York Times.

Boost consumer health literacy for reform success

If the federal government and insurers can't boost consumers' health literacy, success in the post-reform industry may be hard to achieve, The Atlantic reported.

Few exchange consumers understand basic insurance terms

More than 60 percent of the target population for the health insurance exchanges do not understand fundamental health insurance concepts, according to a December Health Affairs study.

New health benefits brochures are win-win for payers, consumers

I think it's safe to say that health insurance is a vital part of physical well-being. Taken a step further, the right insurance policy for the specific patient at the particular time helps ensure