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Latest Headlines

4 steps for provider buy-in on new payment models

When insurers collaborate with providers to break down silos and create new ways of working together, they can successfully implement new payment models that boost quality and value throughout the healthcare system.

What it means for payers to shift to a consumer-oriented market

One of the biggest changes facing the health insurance industry is the move to a business-to-consumer market, which requires payers operate within a more retail-oriented business. Given the enormity of that shift, Amercia's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) has planned multiple sessions throughout its Institute 2012 to help payers learn the most effective strategies.

Blues' Horizon invests $1M to train medical home care coordinators

Horizon Healthcare Innovations has created a specialized nurse training program for nurses working in its parent Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey's patient-centered medical home programs.

Horizon Exclusive: Payer-provider collaboration is the fix for healthcare

The healthcare world is changing as payers and providers alike begin to recognize that collaboration, quality, and payment reform are central to the goal of improving our healthcare system. Health

Episode-based payments have 'huge' savings potential, UnitedHealthcare exec says

Episode-based payments are leading to cost savings while boosting care quality, execs from UnitedHealthcare and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey unequivocally shared during a session at

Can patient-centered medical homes deliver value-based care?

Care delivered by primary care physicians in a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is consistently associated with better outcomes, reduced mortality, fewer preventable hospital admissions for