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Latest Headlines

UnitedHealth wants to pay consumers for healthy behavior

UnitedHealth is currently developing a new app that would pay users for maintaining healthy behavior, including eating well, relaxing, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Aetna expands CarePass to employee incentives

Aetna already makes its CarePass app ecosystem and data platform available to anyone; come this summer, the insurer will add capabilities to connect CarePass data to employee incentive programs, according to MobiHealthNews.

Best practices missing from mobile health apps

The mobile health app industry is exploding and insurers have been increasing their offerings to keep their members healthy and temper rising healthcare costs. But are they offering apps that use best practices for achieving success?

Apps promoting reflection boost job satisfaction among hospital staff

Hospital workers spent more time in reflection--a type of informal learning on the job--and reported greater job satisfaction from the use of apps that foster reflection, according to the Journal of...

Use of mobile medical apps in clinical settings risky

The lack of governance and regulatory guidelines relating to the use of mobile devices in medical workplaces have serious implications for clinical care, professional practice and the education of...

Could WebMD and Avado come close to the perfect mHealth app combo?

WebMD's acquisition of the patient engagement platform Avado  means that a mobile healthcare app could finally fulfill three of the four ingredients for success, a healthcare consultant contends in a  blog post  on  HL7 Standards. To be successful, digital patient engagement must allow for communication among patients, providers and other patients and be able to continuously access and incorporate outside data in a meaningful way...

More than 43,000 mHealth apps have limited use, functionality and evidence

A new study analyzing more than 43,000 healthcare apps available on the Apple iTunes app store has found that the vast majority have limited use and simple functionality, with most apps doing little more than providing information. Read more...

Mobile health just beginning to break barriers

With a thus far unabating rollout of calorie counting smartphone apps, health system text messaging initiatives, patient portal improvements and more, technology is priming consumers to take their health into their own hands through stripped barriers.

Tech can help people get healthy, but can it make them want to?

It's seems funny to write a column this week about anything other than the Supreme Court's pending decision on healthcare reform. But we'll find out what the Justices have to say one way or the other tomorrow morning. And no matter what the Court decides about individual mandates and severability and whether a penalty is a fee or a tax, the day after tomorrow we'll still face the same fundamental problem we face today: Healthcare is too damn expensive.

How the iPhone set the bar for other smartphones in healthcare

iPhones could be considered the technology that truly kick started the mobile revolution in home care. Small, easy to use and powerful, the iPhone was the first smartphone to really capture the...