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Latest Headlines

UnitedHealthcare, Walgreens mobile affinity program banks on keeping members healthy

Earlier this month, UnitedHealthcare and Walgreens announced a partnership that rewards members with points for partaking in healthy initiatives.  FierceHealthPayer spoke with UnitedHealth's Vice President and Innovation Champion Kirk Pion to discuss how the insurer used existing programs and data to understand what its members want. 

UnitedHealth wants to pay consumers for healthy behavior

UnitedHealth is currently developing a new app that would pay users for maintaining healthy behavior, including eating well, relaxing, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

UnitedHealthcare expands mHealth app with payment, Fitbit functionality

UnitedHealthcare plan members can now pay medical bills via the provider's mobile app, Health4Me; the payer's mHealth software is the first to have an electronic bill-payment service, according to an announcement.

Mutually beneficial mHealth ecosystem is the future of healthcare

The creation of an interconnected healthcare ecosystem in which mobile technology addresses the needs of patients, providers and payers alike is the ultimate goal of mHealth, according to a new guide...

UnitedHealth launches another mobile app for 24/7 nurse access

UnitedHealth has launched a new mobile app, which already is proving popular among its members. As UnitedHealth's third mobile app offering, it provides 24/7 access to nurses and members' own