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Latest Headlines

Health spending to increase with ACA

Although the Affordable Care Act has implemented different ways to remove waste from the healthcare system, it has yet to succeed at reducing costs. Instead, the ACA might lead to more spending now that millions of people have gained insurance.

Hidden prices, failure to negotiate rates boost healthcare costs

Healthcare prices are "maddeningly opaque," according to a Center for American Progress issue brief, and lack of price information adds about $36 billion in systemwide spending annually.

Survey: Uninsured don't expect care to improve

Fewer than one-third of uninsured consumers, the group that stands to benefit most from the Affordable Care Act. think their healthcare will improve this year, according to a new survey performed by the Urban Institute for the Robert Wood Johnson Institute.

High healthcare costs: How radiologists can avoid public backlash

As long as healthcare costs remain a major public policy issue, news articles about procedure prices and provider compensation are sure to rile the masses. So what can medical imaging professional do to avoid any potential blowback?

U.S. lags behind in health outcomes despite rising spending, costs

Despite rising prices and spending $2.7 trillion a year on healthcare, the United States isn't keeping up with the rest of the developed world when it comes to outcomes and health improvements--giving little value for the money spent, according to a study in  The Journal of American Medical Association.  

Physician reimbursements vary wildly, with no apparent reason

Across the country, some physicians are paid roughly double what other doctors are paid for the same services, but there's no real reason to explain the variations, according to a new study published in  Health Affairs.

Anthem CEO grilled over narrow network that excludes 10 hospitals

As the reform law ushers in a new wave of health plans with narrow networks, insurance execs find themselves at the receiving end of many public questionings. The latest insurer to feel the backlash of its decision to offer a narrow network plan is Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire. 

Humana CEO: Healthcare reform isn't working--yet

Although Humana is betting big on the success of health insurance exchanges, its CEO admits that healthcare reform isn't working yet.

Experts: Lifestyle-based hiring bans a slippery slope

How much control do you have over staff behavior when they're not in the office? American Medical News looks at some trends in after-hours employee management and how to keep your policies from doing your practice more harm than good.

30% premium jump in California could signal national rise

A new study shows individual premiums will likely rise an average of 30 percent in California, and has national implications because the state is leading the country in implementing reform provisions, particularly the online marketplace.