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Latest Headlines

Blue Cross, State Farm partner to sell individual heath insurance plans

Health Care Services Corp. is pairing up with insurance giant State Farm to sell individual health plans both on and off the health insurance exchanges during the next open enrollment period.

Insurers: Up to 90% of premiums paid

Up to 90 percent of exchange enrollees have paid their first premiums, major insurers told a congressional panel yesterday. However, they also noted many of the 8 million consumers who signed up through the health insurance exchanges include duplicate enrollments, potentially shattering one of the highlighted achievements of the Affordable Care Act.

Emulate Blue Cross to realize exchange success

Since Blue Cross Blue Shield plans successfully enrolled hundreds of thousands of new consumers through the health insurance exchanges, other insurers should consider emulating what Blue Cross did during the first enrollment period.

2 keys to successful wellness programs

Since wellness programs can improve health and lower costs, more employers are partnering with insurers in wellness initiatives. Insurers can implement certain features to build success into their wellness programs, reported Business2Community.

HCSC's 'social marketing marathon' educates consumers about exchanges

Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC) is taking matters into its own hands. Deciding not to rely on federal or state governments to inform and educate the public about the health insurance exchanges, it launched its own advertising campaign particularly aimed at the uninsured population in the four states where it operates Blue Cross Blue Shield plans--Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. 

AMA: Insurers processing claims faster, more accurately

Insurers have been processing claims faster and with more accuracy and better explanation. They're also denying fewer claims to boot, according to the American Medical Association's annual health insurer report card.

HCSC Exclusive: Intensive medical home cuts high-risk patient costs

Faced with the reality that only 10 percent of all patients drive at least 60 percent of all healthcare costs, Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) and its Blues plans have taken action to lower...

HCSC to pay $18M to acquire Montana Blues plan

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana has formally requested the state insurance department approve its proposed alliance with Health Care Service Corporation.

Health insurers target cost-cuts, diversification as formula for success

When the recession hit home in 2008, health insurers, like everyone involved in healthcare, tightened their belts. Now news is beginning to trickle in that health insurers are instituting additional

Four Blues plans to sue Pfizer and its execs re: Off-label med use and illegal kickbacks

Chicago-based Health Care Service Corp. (HCSC) and its four Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in Texas, Illinois, New Mexico and Oklahoma have filed a lawsuit over the off-label use of three costly drugs