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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Insurers could face pressure to cover more genetic testing

U.S. health insurers may be looking at some difficult decisions when it comes to whether they will cover an increasing array of genetic testing, according to a  Kaiser Health News  report.

Independence Blue Cross to cover gene sequencing for cancer care

​Independence Blue Cross has become the first major insurer to cover next-generation whole genome sequencing for a variety of cancers.

Hospital turns to genomic tech to save newborns

One hospital in Missouri is looking to genomics technology to save newborns.

Technology can mitigate challenges of genomic data in EHRs

Much work remains to be done before genetic content can effectively be incorporated into electronic health records, research from the University of Wisconsin concludes.

Security specialist: Genomic data requires strong protections

Strong security protections will be required for genomic data as it's increasingly used to provide personalized medicine, says security specialist Dixie Baker, senior partner at consultancy...

Personalized medicine 'arms race' continues to escalate

Joining an ever-growing list of healthcare facilities looking to improve personalized medicine, Oregon Health & Science University this week announced a partnership with Intel Corp. aimed at speeding genomic analysis efforts. Through the collaboration, OHSU and Intel researchers and engineers will work to create "next-generation computing technologies" that streamline the process of sorting through large amounts of biomedical data.

CDC budget prioritizes improved tools for disease tracking

Though decreasing its overall budget request for 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is making a priority of upgrading its tools for tracking infectious disease outbreaks.

Smartphone app enables storage, testing of DNA data

Researchers at the University of California at Irvine have developed a smartphone app that allows people to safely store and use their DNA on a mobile device, holding great promise in the rapidly growing area of personalized medicine.

Genetics-based personalized medicine gets big data boost

  Health IT and data analytics are combining to create a new era of personalized medicine in which genetics-based treatment plans are tailored to individual patients.  

Tulsa supercomputer holds potential for health improvements

A roughly $3 million "community supercomputer" being built in Tulsa offers an array of massive-number-crunching possibilities, including predictive modeling to improve the health of residents there.