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Latest Headlines

Highlighting generic drugs in EHRs boosts generic prescribing, cuts care costs

The simple act of listing generic drugs first in a physician's electronic health record can substantially increase generic prescribing and lower the cost of healthcare, according to a new study in the  Annals of Internal Medicine.

Insurers seek to shift more Rx costs to members

Pa yers have faced allegations of discriminating against patients with certain health conditions; a violation under the Affordable Care Act.  But some insurers are finding ways around the provision by shifting more of the cost of prescriptions onto consumers.  

Aetna's Ed Pezalla on how ACOs can leverage pharma

Pharmaceuticals, the prime treatment for many common conditions that lead to poor outcomes later on, play an important role in comprehensive approaches to providing quality healthcare. Their proper prescribing and use keep patients from needing unnecessary hospital admissions or emergency room visits, so they must be a consideration for accountable care organizations, Aetna's National Medical Director for Pharmacy Policy and Strategy Edmund Pezalla, M.D., told FierceHealthPayer.

Drug shortages threaten public health

Drug shortages may compel providers to "ration care or rely on less effective drugs," according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

Generic drug rules could save Medicare $1.4B a year

Medicare could save $1.4 billion per year by pushing doctors to prescribe generic drugs, a new study published today in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests.

Promoting generic drugs could save insurers billions

Despite the so-called "patent cliff" last year, many insurance companies still believe they can realize substantial savings by promoting generic drugs to their members.

States limit copay amounts for specialty drugs

Insurers increasingly are facing potential legislation that could prevent them from shifting larger portions of prescription drug costs onto their members. At least 20 states have introduced bills to

WellPoint drops Lipitor coverage

WellPoint will stop covering the cholesterol-lowering drug, Lipitor, and instead pay for generic versions beginning April 1. The insurer hopes the coverage change will compel members to take the

Health plan could save $1B per year with generic drugs

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield says it could save $460 million to $1 billion per year if its customers use more generic drugs instead of name-brand prescriptions, according to a new report from the

UnitedHealth, Coventry scrutinized for favoring brand-name drug

UnitedHealthcare and Coventry are being investigated for their role in Pfizer's attempt to block new generic competition in favor of its cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor. Since Lipitor lost its