Flu Season

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Humana income drops with flu-related claims

Humana saw its fourth-quarter net income fall 3.5 percent to $192 million as it paid out an increase in claims from the flu epidemic.

Google helps Aetna track, prepare for flu epidemic

Hoping to avoid a financial hit like the 2009 flu season, Aetna has been using the Google Flu Trends index to track the status of this season's flu.

Will flu season increase insurance claims, costs?

Insurers most likely to be affected by the flu season's early start include Humana, Centene and Coventry, which all have larger market shares in states where the virus already is prevalent.

Do insurers overhype flu vaccine benefits?

It's flu season, the time when every doctor, pharmacy, hospital, urgent care clinic and insurance company bombards the public with fearful messages about the urgent need to be vaccinated against...