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Latest Headlines

5 changes to help Medicare ACOs thrive

Despite the rapid growth and early successes of accountable care organizations, the Medicare Shared Savings Program must make some key changes to fully realize the model's potential, argues a Health Affairs blog post.

Benefits of payment reform yet to be seen, research suggests

Despite the Affordable Care Act's creation of accountable care organizations and its push toward value-based medicine, some of the nation's highest-paid doctors still work largely under a fee-for-service model, according to an article from  U.S. News & World Report.  

Practices' top financial challenges of 2014

Financial challenges continue to plague physician pr actices, as indicated by the latest sur vey  from  Medical Economics, which sheds light on the trends currently affecting physician incomes and office balance sheets.

Payer-provider relationship key to driving value-based care

Experimentation is the name of the game in a vastly complex healthcare industry. Insurers toy with new, innovative payment methods constantly, and all have a similar goal in mind: improve the quality of care while also lowering costs.

Kaiser Permanente's Jack Cochran on the path to value-based care

As a way of paying for quality rather than volume, many  insurers are moving away from a fee-for-service payment model toward a value-based reimbursement process that focuses more on transparency and accountability,  FierceHealthPayer  previously reported. To better understand the benefits of a value-based payment model operates, spoke with California-based Kaiser Permanente's Jack Cochran (pictured), M.D., FACS,  executive director of the Permanente Federation in an exclusive interview.

Why hospitals shouldn't worry about the transition to value-based care

Although many healthcare providers are in the process of transitioning from fee-for-service care to value-based care, many are wary of the model, according to  Information Week.  

3 ways healthcare leaders can weather industry changes

Healthcare leaders dealing with fast-paced industry changes should follow a few key strategies, according to a Forbes opinion piece.

75% of docs think peers order unnecessary tests and procedures

Seventy-five percent of doctors think their contemporaries order at least one unnecessary test or procedure a week, according to a new survey from Choosing Wisely.

Corporate medical tourism raises quality, lowers costs

In an effort to get their employees higher quality care at lower costs, some companies are partnering with healthcare providers who will accept fixed fees or bundled payments instead of traditional fees for services rendered,  MedCity News  reported.

Congressional leaders' proposal would phase out Medicare fee-for-service

A proposal by two Congressional leaders would gradually phase out fee-for-service Medicare payments to doctors, Bloomberg reports.