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Latest Headlines

Insurers get more time to disclose exchange enrollment data

Although the Affordable Care Act requires insurers to disclose information about the number of people enrolled in their health insurance exchange plans, the number of claims denied and consumers' costs for specific services, the Obama administration said it won't be enforcing that provision.

Health-risk information lacking on exchange population

Health insurers need to know the health status of exchange enrollees to determine premium prices for next year. But under the healthcare reform law, enrollees don't have to disclose pre-existing conditions. So, insurance companies are reaching out to their new customers for information about their medical conditions, medications and lifestyle.

White House temporarily fixes back-end issues for insurers

The updated HealthCare.gov website still has glitches, especially with back-end issues for insurers, so the Obama administration is implementing a temporary workaround to ensure insurance companies get paid, reported Reuters.

CMS to disclose exchange enrollment data next week

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Marilyn Tavenner said the agency will be releasing enrollment data for the federal and state health insurance exchanges next week.

Lawmakers urge HHS to release exchange enrollment data

Now that the health insurance exchanges have been operating for one week, Republican lawmakers are demanding the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services release the number of people who have enrolled in plans.

Exchange officials hold back enrollment info from insurers

Health insurance exchanges opened for business last week, but insurers don't have a clear sense of how many people are enrolling in their plans.