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Latest Headlines

Kaiser Family Foundation: Private exchanges could reshape the health insurance industry

Private exchanges have the potential to "reshape employer-sponsored health insurance," according to a new  report from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Employers continue to shift workers onto private exchanges

In a changing healthcare industry, employers are rethinking the way they provide coverage to their employees--namely, they are shifting more costs onto workers.

Lobbyists push for ACA to redefine the full-time work week

Major lobbyists push to alter the Affordable Care Act's definition of what constitutes a full-time work week, reports  The Hill.

Humana to pay $1.8M over claims of tying health plans to life insurance

Humana has agreed to pay a $1.8 million fine for allegedly requiring some employers that purchased small group health plans to also buy a group life insurance product, according to the Missouri Department of Insurance.

Employers who shift workers to exchanges might not reap financial rewards

Although some companies have stopped providing insurance coverage as they shift their employees to the health insurance exchanges, experts say such a decision doesn't make economic sense for employers.

UPS drops coverage for employee spouses

United Parcel Service is dropping coverage for its employees' spouses who are eligible for health plans through their own employers, the company said in a memo to employees obtained by Kaiser Health News/USA Today.

Wellness program final rule requires lower premiums for participants

Insurers must offer members with employer-sponsored health insurance significantly lower premiums for participating in wellness programs--regardless of whether they actually improve their health.

Employer-based coverage to continue for next 5 years

Large employers expect to continue providing health insurance for their workers, at least for the next five years, new survey findings show.