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Latest Headlines

Can private exchanges save employer-sponsored plans?

The price tag of employer-sponsored plans is set to increase come 2018 when the Cadillac tax goes into effect. However, private and public employers can take a new approach by offering privately run health insurance exchanges

Employer-based coverage growing faster than exchange, Medicaid plans

Predictions that the health insurance exchanges would significantly shift the insurance business toward an individual market have yet to come true. In fact, the largest gains in health coverage are from increased enrollment in employer-based plans, according to a new study from Rand Corp. that was published in the journal  Health Affairs.

Consumers value employer coverage but ignore healthcare costs

Consumers highly value their employer-sponsored health plans, but they largely ignore health costs when they enroll in these plans, according to a new survey from marketing firm Benz Communications and technology firm Quantum Workplace.

Humana to integrate Weight Watchers programs into employer-sponsored plans

Humana is aiming to help lower the obesity rate by partnering with Weight Watchers, giving its members with employer-sponsored plans access to Weight Watchers weight loss programs that are integrated within Humana's own wellness program.

3 trends transforming the health insurance industry

Depsite disruption, and despite overall spending of $2.9 trillion last year, the rate of growth in healthcare spending is at its lowest rate in 50 years. So what has caused this significant transformation?

Employers find loopholes to avoid paying Cadillac tax

Come 2018, the tax on so-called Cadillac plans goes into effect. This is causing many large employers to rethink how they offer health insurance to their employees.