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Latest Headlines

Healthcare leaders poised to ignite change from within

Despite the oft-held view that reform from within an organization is nearly impossible to achieve, healthcare leaders have shown they're ready to buck this trend, according to  Harvard Business Review.

Colorado CO-OP shows how nonprofit insurers are disrupting markets

The consumer operated and oriented plan (CO-OP) in Colorado exemplifies how the nonprofit insurers are disrupting health insurance markets across the country: It enrolled 14,000 members last year, primarily by undercutting the lowest prices for plans sold on the state's health insurance exchange. And the CO-OP has lowered its exchange plan premiums by an average of 10 percent for the second enrollment period that began this week, reported the Denver Post.

In the face of disruption, healthcare must adapt to change

The healthcare industry is poised for disruption; hospitals and health systems that survive during the turmoil will adjust their business models and practices in the face of these changes and external threats, according to a post on  Becker's Hospital Review.

Disruption necessary to reform insurance market

Despite public outcry over insurers canceling individual plans, the Affordable Care Act won't create major disruptions throughout the health insurance industry, according to a policy brief from the Urban Institute. Besides, making much-needed reforms to health insurance is impossible without some sort of interruption or disturbance to the status quo.

Wake Forest Baptist's transition to EHR causes financial hit

Yet another provider is facing unanticipated struggles with electronic health record system adoption. Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is blaming additional costs and lost revenue on the 2012 implementation of its Epic EHR.