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Latest Headlines

After CoOportunity Health's struggle, Wellmark works overtime to process new members

In the aftermath of CoOportunity Health's financial struggle, many consumers switched policies to Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. But Iowa's largest insurer is still working to process insurance cards for its new wave of members.

What caused Iowa's CoOportunity Health to fall

What exactly contribued to the decline of Iowa's CoOportunity Health's, the nation's second-largest consumer operated and oriented plan?

Wellmark looks to regain dominance in Iowa, South Dakota

Just seven days into 2015, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is already hoping to regain its dominance in Iowa and South Dakota.

State takes control of Iowa's CoOportunity Health plan over financial concerns

The Iowa insurance department has taken control of the consumer operated and oriented  CoOportunity Health  plan because the insurer has insufficient capital.

Iowa's CO-OP pulls out of marketplace despite first-year success

Iowa's CoOportunity Health experienced early enrollment success last year, but the company has decided to pull out of the marketplace this year, reports  Employee Benefit News. It's the latest in a series of ups and downs for consumer operated and oriented plans.