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Latest Headlines

Report: Account-based health plans on the rise, but obstacles remain

Eighty-seven percent of healthcare industry professionals believe account-based health plans (ABHPs) are important to their business, according to a new study from health plan software-as-a-service vendor Acclaris.

UnitedHealth: 3 ways to better engage members

UnitedHealthcare is focusing on three main areas to meet the ongoing demands of its customers. In an article for Healthcare Payer News, UnitedHealth's Chief Consumer Officer Tom Paul recommends health insurers do the following.

How to make health literacy work

Without health literacy, healthcare reform success may be difficult to achieve. Minneapolis-based UnitedHealthcare developed a "Happiness Counts" kit that informs seniors--via postcards, journals and other information--on how to best manage and take care of their health, reports the StarTribune.

Insurers focus on helping new members use policies

Now that roughly 7 million people have coverage through the Affordable Care Act, insurers are shifting their focus from trying to boost health insurance exchange enrollment to helping new members understand how to use their policies.

Healthcare reform gets holiday retail exposure

As the Dec. 23 deadline to obtain insurance quickly approaches, California officials, insurance companies and agents are looking to target holiday shoppers this season.

Independence Blue Cross educates consumers with retail on wheels

The health insurance exchanges bring new consumers to the market, some of whom have never shopped for coverage before. Many insurers recognize that reaching these new consumers requires creative...

UnitedHealth: Insurers should fit into consumers' lives

If insurers want to be successful in a consumer-oriented market, they should make their business fit into their consumers' lives rather than forcing consumers to adjust and accommodate the insurance business, Tom Paul, chief consumer officer at UnitedHealth, told FierceHealthPayer.

Aetna: Case managers are 'cornerstone' of medical management

Can your company boast a program that leads to positive feedback from your members, plus saves money and improves quality to boot? Aetna can. Its case management program involves trained nurse case...

Improve customer experience by harnessing data like Wal-Mart

Looking to successful consumer-oriented companies like Wal-Mart and Proctor & Gamble can help insurers survive the transition to and thrive within the evolving health insurance market.

States, feds slow to educate public about exchanges

With only six months left before health insurance exchanges begin open enrollment, state and federal officials face an uphill battle in reaching and educating consumers about these new online marketplaces.