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Latest Headlines

Exec pay raises eyebrows after Maine CO-OP's financial downswing

Salary increases for two senior executives who oversaw the implementation of Maine's once-burgeoning consumer operated and oriented plan are being scrutinized after the plan lost millions last year, leading to administrative cuts and premium hikes, according to the  Portland Press Herald.  

As remaining CO-OPs struggle with enrollment, Maryland's start-up flourishes

As consumer owned and operated plans (CO-OPs) around the country struggled to remain profitable amid lukewarm enrollment numbers, Maryland's CO-OP has emerged as rare beacon of stability, according to  Healthcare Dive.  

Struggling CO-OPs enter a pivotal year amid signs of potential growth

Although nearly half of Affordable Care Act consumer operated and oriented plans shut down, and many reported multi-million losses last year, officials say 2016 could be a rebound year for the frequently maligned plans, according to the  Associated Press.

Senate subcommittee blames CMS officials for funding failing CO-OPs

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service's (CMS) top brass faced another round of pointed questioning from lawmakers regarding failed consumer operated and oriented plans (CO-OPs), targeting new evidence that the agency continued funding the failed start-ups despite signs of financial insolvency.

Failed CO-OP sues feds over risk corridor shortfall

As the debate rages over how to handle the Affordable Care Act's flailing consumer operated and oriented plans, one failed CO-OP has sued the federal government for $5 billion for failing to make good on promised payments from the risk corridor program.  

CO-OP exec: Risk-adjustment issues threaten core of health reform

Federal regulators' refusal to amend the risk-adjustment program threatens not only the viability of small insurers, but also the survival of the Affordable Care Act itself, the CEO of a consumer operated and oriented plan wrote in an opinion piece for the  Baltimore Sun.  

CMS clarifies CO-OP regulations

Facing increasing pressure from lawmakers over the slew of failed consumer operated and oriented plans, the federal government recently clarified some regulations that govern the startup insurers.  

CO-OP failures and United's threatened pullout won't doom the exchanges, report says

The failure of many consumer operated and oriented plans and UnitedHealth's doubts about its future participation in the marketplaces aren't a significant threat to the viability of the health insurance exchanges or the Affordable Care Act, according to a new report.  

Study: Insurer competition holds steady on state exchanges in 2016

Health insurer participation in state-based marketplaces has remained stable in 2016, in part because some states have encouraged competition by establishing marketplace participation rules, according to a new analysis from The Commonwealth Fund.  

Lawmakers slam oversight of failing CO-OPs

At a Senate committee hearing Thursday, Congress members grilled Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt about what has gone wrong with the Affordable Care Act's flailing startup health insurers.