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Latest Headlines

Good news for payers in a consumer-focused industry

Consumerization is in full swing throughout the entire healthcare industry. And as the transition from fee-for-service to value-based payment continues, high deductible plans slam providers with a negative credit outlook. But for payers, the credit outlook is a bit more stable, despite some added risk,  reports  Healthcare Payer News.

How to cover palliative care in health plans

The median length of time Medicare patients spent in hospice care in 2012 was only 19 days, according to a report from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. Yet for patients with serious illnesses to receive extra care, they must agree to forgo receiving treatment for their disease.

Cambia Health invests in consumer-focused healthcare

Looking to create a more economically stable and person-centered healthcare system, Cambia Health, which includes Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, is setting its sights on new investments to make this transformation happen.

Take the Trader Joe's approach to achieve high-quality, low-cost healthcare

Payers and providers should embrace the Trader Joe's business model to benefit customers and finances, Healthcare Payer News reported.

Tap retail experts to thrive in consumer-driven healthcare

Insurers are bringing in leadership talent from other industries to better meet consumer demands in a changing health insurance market, Healthcare Finance News reported.

Consumers flock to health insurance storefronts

Brick-and-mortar health insurance stores are becoming more popular and accessible, reports LifeHealthPro. Conveniently located in local shopping centers across the country, the retail stores offer experience, guidance and basic customer service to help people shop for or learn about health plans.

How Minn. Blues is turning itself around

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota's CEO is transforming the insurer, with a close eye on the consumer. Michael Guyette took the helm in January 2013 and implemented consumer focus as a strategic pillar for the insurer's success, the Star Tribune reported.

Meeting the demands of online healthcare consumers

Today's healthcare consumers expect personalized communications, consistent, multichannel interactions and efficient tools from their insurance companies

Payers can strengthen consumer focus in 3 steps

Insurers are striving to provide more than only coverage of healthcare services to survive the shift to a consumer-focused business. They now aim to offer an overall experience for consumers and become a more integral aspect of their daily healthcare decisions, reported Managed Healthcare Executive.

UnitedHealth simplifies complicated process with online payment

UnitedHealth allows members to pay their bills online as part of its overall focus on simplifying consumers' healthcare experience. Since myClaims Manager launched last July, UnitedHealth...