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Latest Headlines

To improve patient-centered care, look to fast food industry

To address perception issues in the healthcare business, hospital leaders can take pointers from an unlikely source: the fast food industry, according to  Becker's Hospital Review.

UnitedHealth wants to pay consumers for healthy behavior

UnitedHealth is currently developing a new app that would pay users for maintaining healthy behavior, including eating well, relaxing, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Lessons in patient engagement from Lowe's, Starbucks

Healthcare leaders should look to hardware chain Lowe's for pointers on patient engagement, argues a Health Affairs blog post.

Insurers think outside the box to boost Hispanic enrollment

Insurers now take atypical approaches to sell policies in an effort to boost enrollment among the nation's Hispanic population,  The Associated Press  rep orted.

3 key elements of a successful wellness program

There are many aspects to creating a successful wellness program, but none are more important than these four factors--assessing and screening consumers, helping consumers make behavior changes, engaging consumers and measuring results, reported Employee Benefit News.

With wellness programs, companies search for the keys to worker motivation

Noting the trend toward tying employees' health insurance premiums to their willingness to participate in a wellness program, a  Columbus CEO  article points to keys to creating successful programs.

Wellness programs lack participation due to privacy, convenience concerns

Although employers and insurers increasingly turn to wellness programs to help lower healthcare costs, participation and engagement rates are still lacking. And according to a recent survey sponsored by Humana, privacy concerns and lack of time are the leading obstacles to employees participating in their companies' wellness programs.

Insurers: Customer service, member retention is more than a marketing initiative

When it comes to purchasing and selling health plans, consumers and payers start the experience clock ticking at different times.  For consumers, the experience begins the minute their insurer picks up the phone. That's not always the case for payers--but it should be, consumer engagement experts say.   

4 questions to predict whether ACOs can succeed

Although accountable care organizations are widespread throughout the healthcare industry,some question whether they can significantly improve quality care while driving down costs, especially as federal officials predict rising spending growth for the next several years. But there are four key questions that can explain ACOs' capacity for creating change, reported  Healthcare Finance News.

UnitedHealth puts robust price transparency tools in consumers' hands

As health insurers continue their quest of achieving consumer engagement, many believe that offering price transparency tools is a key factor in achieving that goal. And UnitedHealth is taking those tools one step further by providing very specific cost estimates to their members. That means UnitedHealth members can get an extremely accurate price for total service cost, out-of-pocket expenses, co-payments and any outstanding deductibles. To learn more about how UnitedHealth is leading the charge on price transparency,  FierceHealthPayer  spoke with Victoria "Tory" Bogatyrenko, UnitedHealth's national vice president for product, innovation and marketing.