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Latest Headlines

CO-OPs still searching for their Holy Grail

Several minutes into "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," two men wander through a medieval village. "Bring out your dead," they shout as they pull a cart of plague-stricken...

CO-OP beats Kaiser Permanente in exchange enrollment, says consumers want new type of insurer

After Colorado's consumer operated and oriented plan (CO-OP), the Colorado HealthOP, nabbed almost 40 percent of the state's health insurance exchange market--and beat out the biggest competitor, Kaiser Permanente--the HealthOP says that consumers really want a new kind of insurer that focuses on serving individuals and supporting them in staying healthy, reported Health News Colorado.

Are low exchange premiums sustainable?

Insurers are still trying to get a handle on how to price premiums in the health insurance exchanges so they can afford to cover new enrollees and make money. The pricing conundrum is particularly clear in Colorado.

Colorado, Iowa illustrate rapid rise and fall of CO-OPs

In a very consumer-oriented health insurance industry, innovation is what sets apart insurers--and states.  Case in point: Consumer operated and oriented plans. These nonprofit organizations have had their  fair share of ups and downs.  

Colorado CO-OP shows how nonprofit insurers are disrupting markets

The consumer operated and oriented plan (CO-OP) in Colorado exemplifies how the nonprofit insurers are disrupting health insurance markets across the country: It enrolled 14,000 members last year, primarily by undercutting the lowest prices for plans sold on the state's health insurance exchange. And the CO-OP has lowered its exchange plan premiums by an average of 10 percent for the second enrollment period that began this week, reported the Denver Post.