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Latest Headlines

Seniors worried about plan cancellations

About 58 percent of seniors, including those over the age of 65, are worried that their health plan may be cancelled because it doesn't meet Affordable Care Act requirements.

White House set to allow grandfathered plans to continue

The White House could announce--possibly as early as this week--that insurers can continue offering policies that don't meet coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act, sources told  The Hill's Healthwatch.

Disruption necessary to reform insurance market

Despite public outcry over insurers canceling individual plans, the Affordable Care Act won't create major disruptions throughout the health insurance industry, according to a policy brief from the Urban Institute. Besides, making much-needed reforms to health insurance is impossible without some sort of interruption or disturbance to the status quo.

Humana sued for 'deceptive' ACA scheme

A new lawsuit claims Humana used the Affordable Care Act as the basis for a "deceptive scheme" to raise premiums and then prevent members from canceling their plans, reported the  Kansas City Business Journal. 

Insurers faulted for changing members' plans without consent

After canceling individual plans that failed to meet Affordable Care Act requirements, Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente switched hundreds of Californians into compliant plans and withdrew premiums from customers' bank accounts for those plans without members' knowledge, ProPublica reported.

Attorneys general blast reform implementation changes

Republican attorneys general from 11 states challenged the legality of reinstating canceled insurance plans without congressional approval and argued for tighter security around consumer data in the exchanges, the West Virginia Record  reported. 

Insurers: Reinstating plans creates unnecessary problems

Even though President Barack Obama has allowed insurers to reinstate canceled policies that did not comply with the healthcare reform law, some insurers have chosen to move forward with their cancellations.

Obama's decision to reinstate canceled plans leads to payer uncertainty, blame

President Obama's administrative fix for canceled health plans, which allows insurers to reinstate non-grandfathered plans for at least another year, may be welcome news for some consumers. But it has left insurers facing uncertainty--and blame, payer reps told us in exclusive interviews.

Obama seeks administrative fix for canceled health plans

President Barack Obama has asked his healthcare advisors to close some gaps within the reform law by looking for administrative fixes to health plan cancellations.