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Latest Headlines

Surgeons still tired despite duty hour limits

Fatigued residents have a 22 percent greater risk of causing a medical error than alert, well-rested doctors, according to a new study, which found surgeons were tired half of their waking hours, operating on less than 80 percent mental effectiveness. What's more, a quarter of the time their fatigue was tantamount to being legally drunk.

Harvard Pilgrim excludes high-priced hospitals in new limited network

Harvard Pilgrim has created a new limited network of moderately priced providers that reduces insurance costs by 10 percent. The insurer's decision is the latest move by the Massachusetts healthcare

Tufts saves $105M by reworking Partners HealthCare contract

Tufts Health Plan will save $105 million in reimbursement payments after it reworked a contract with Partners HealthCare, the largest hospital network in Massachusetts. The new contract announced

Aetna to drop copays on heart attack drugs

Aetna plans to eliminate copays on drugs that help prevent heart attacks after a study showed patients took their medicines and were healthier when there were no out-of-pocket costs for their

Why 'I'm sorry' still matters: Hospital CEO apologizes for death of actor's brother

Two years after the settlement regarding a well-publicized patient death, President and CEO Sandra Coletta of Rhode Island's Kent Hospital is still apologizing for the death of actor James Woods's

Doctors, nurses out of touch with patient expectations

With patient satisfaction becoming increasingly important in healthcare, a new study published in the British Medical Journal: Quality and Safety suggests that providers may not be tapped into

Patient location, gloves, worker type predict hand hygiene compliance

Patients who receive care in a hallway bed are the most likely victims of healthcare workers not washing their hands, according to researchers from Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital in a study to

Court upholds verdict against Brigham & Women's, disruptive physician

The U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a lower court verdict against Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital and its alleged disruptive physician and the former head of neurosurgery, Dr. Arthur Day. The

More hospital procedures mean better patient safety

Contrary to some research, hospitals with larger volumes of procedures have better patient safety. A new study in the journal Health Services Research found that hospital volume is inversely related

Top 100 hospitals identified for 2011

Russell Medical Center, in Alexander City, Ala.; Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Ill.; Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston were among the 100