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Latest Headlines

Home BP monitoring cost beneficial for insurers

Reimbursement of home blood pressure monitoring is cost beneficial for insurers, but the practice is uncommon--and a group of researchers say that should change.

Telemedicine support program helps tame out-of-control blood pressure

Telemedicine helped patients with uncontrolled hypertension improve their blood pressure readings, according to Italian research reported in  BMC Medical Informatics and  Decision Making.

The imperative of safety in mHealth and why it can't be ignored

Technology is a wonderful thing, except when it's not. The wireless network crashes, the PC blows up, the tablet gets a virus, smartphones go missing. And in each of those scenarios, data and access to data is potentially compromised. It's no different with mHealth devices. Smartwatches, health fitness bands, wearable monitors woven into clothing, smartphones that feature blood testing capabilities--they all collect, share and house data. We believe it will be there when we need it, we believe it will be accurate and we believe it should be infallible, given all the technological advances.

Encourage pets for member health, cost improvements

Insurers often recommend actions their members can take to improve their health and prevent costly, stressful diseases. They also may want to consider giving out some unusual advice: Members should get a pet.

Study: 'White coat' hypertension may alter treatment decisions

Physicians have known about the "white coat hypertension" phenomenon for decades, but new research suggests that patient nervousness in the office may be dramatic enough to falsely diagnose some patients with high blood pressure, the  New York Times  reported. The implications of elevated blood-pressure readings affect treatment decisions as well as practices' tracking of quality metrics under systems of pay-for-performance.

Diabetes telehealth pilot in Mississippi leverages tablet computers

A new remote care management program for diabetics in Mississippi is putting the power of technology in the hands of patients in the form of Internet-capable tablets.

mHealth improves risk profile in cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes patients

A provisional article published in the peer-reviewed journal BMC Public Health suggests that mHealth technology supporting exercise prescription interventions can be effective. The findings are based...

Health system: Greater ease, affordability ups blood pressure control

Giving patients easier-to-take medications, and making follow-up shorter, more convenient and more affordable can help lower blood pressure rates, concludes a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Home BP monitoring can bring improvements--with a caveat

Self-monitoring can help patients improve their blood pressure, but the effects tend not to last unless doctors also provide support services, according to a study published at the  Annals of Internal Medicine.

Study: Wireless devices improve patient engagement, outcomes

A study from the Center for Connected Health indicates that wireless mobile technologies can positively impact patient engagement, clinical outcomes and operational workflow in remote monitoring...