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Latest Headlines

10 steps to engage patients in mobile, online health and wellness platforms

The motivation on the part of payers is clear: Drive down the cost of care by keeping the population as healthy as possible. So what motivates patients to participate?

Medicare Advantage enrollment grows 10%

Medicare Advantage now has 13.1 million people enrolled, and their monthly charges dropped from $44 in 2010 to $35.

Insurers launch more anti-obesity programs

As the obesity epidemic increasingly garners nationwide attention and calls for action, insurers have been  responding by changing coverage options, as well as establishing new anti-obesity programs and incentives.

Supreme Court aside, insurers 'still committed' to reform

In the courtroom, with the strike of a pen, by the Supreme Court Justices. Ever play the game of Clue? This week, with all the coverage and analysis of the Supreme Court's health reform...

Consumer Reports blasts 'junk' mini-med health plans

Mini-med health plans are "junk," and individuals should avoid them entirely, according to a new report published in the March issue of Consumer Reports magazine. Big insurers like Cigna and Aetna