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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Medicare Advantage changes send members scrambling

Changes to the Medicare Advantage program is causing members to rethink enrollment choices, The New York Times reported.

Cover expensive specialty drugs without breaking the bank

Specialty drugs have left insurers in a bit of a predicament. The companies want to provide access to these efficient and effective medications for treating chronic conditions like cancer, arthritis...

2014 begins with slew of reform taxes for insurers

The New Year brought several healthcare reform taxes for the health insurance industry, including the health insurance tax and reinsurance fee that kicked in Jan. 1.

Insurers don't want charities paying for consumers

A charity in Los Angeles wants to sign up 50 uninsured consumers to plans sold through California's health insurance exchange, but insurers are pushing back, saying the program would bring in too many sick and expensive people.

Insurers exacerbate provider consolidation despite opposition

Although insurers strongly oppose provider consolidation, particularly when it leads to monopolies in the market, some of their actions are actually exacerbating the problem.

Most individual plans missing reform's essential benefits

Most of the individual health plans that insurers sell don't meet reform law standards that go into effect next year, according to a study published in the journal Health Affairs.

AHIP: Hospital prices drive up healthcare costs

A new study from America's Health Insurance Plans finds that hospital prices have been growing amid increased provider consolidation.

One-third of payers exceed reform's out-of-pocket limits

More than one out of every three insurers has out-of-pocket costs for individual health plans that exceed new limits set under the reform law, according to a new study from technology company HealthPocket.

States beef up child-only insurance requirements

As insurers try to find loopholes to complying with the health reform law's requirement that they cover children younger than 19 with pre-existing conditions, states have beefed up their own laws to ensure coverage.

Census report: Insurers gained 1.3M new members

For the first time in a decade, health insurers can celebrate the release of the Census Bureau report--the total number of insured people has finally increased while the number of privately insured people held stable.