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Latest Headlines

Do frequent authorizations really save money?

I've written before about how my health insurance improved when my family moved to California from Louisiana. Upon our move, my husband and I enjoyed $11 acupuncture visits every week, greatly...

With a new state, comes new health coverage

A few months ago, my family moved to California from Louisiana. We love it. Some of the reasons are obvious and expected--we are minutes from the beach, we can feel the calm of small town living, we...

States' essential benefits include preventive, alternative care

Almost half of all states have decided which essential health benefits must be covered in health plans sold through their health insurance exchanges, and many of those benefits include care insurers rarely, if ever, have covered in the past.

Why insurers should cover acupuncture: It works

Anyone who knows me well knows I have a frequent refrain when discussing health problems: "Acupuncture can fix it!" Like the Windex solution from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I...

Are insurers ready to cover alternative medicine?

I am a true believer in alternative medicine, having found pain relief from treatments ranging from acupuncture and tai chi to biofeedback. I frequently recommend alternative treatments like

Trend: More physicians offer alternative medicine

For the most part, the healthcare profession has been moving further and further in the direction of evidence-based approaches. However, a growing number of physicians are also looking at

Trend: More hospitals offering alternative, complementary treatments

While it's all well and good to give patients the latest in medical science, their mind and soul need attention, too. Increasingly, hospitals are addressing these needs by adding alternative and