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Latest Headlines

High cost of drugs price HIV and AIDS patients out of health insurance policies

Advocates have accused some insurers of discouraging HIV and AIDS patients from obtaining coverage under the ACA by levying high co-insurance charges for expensive prescription drugs. But soaring costs set by drug manufacturers and the number of new enrollees with specialty medicines is putting pressure on payers.  

'Healthcare sharing ministries' give faithful an alternative to Obamacare

More than 300,000 Americans bypass the Affordable Care Act's individual insurance mandate by buying limited healthcare coverage through faith-based collectives, the  San Jose Mercury News  reported.

How sharing ministries steer members away from actual health insurance

"I hope they don't take anything away from us." Those were the words of a Baptist minister from Georgia named Daniel, uttered in my living room about five years ago as the Affordable...

For-profit hospital revenues, earnings soar

As millions of Americans are added to the rolls of insured under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the for-profit, publicly-traded hospital chains that care for them have gone on a roll of their own.

ACA reality: Expect the unexpected

Almost exactly a year ago,  FiercePracticeManagement  described key ways to prepare your office for healthcare reform, including steps to ready your practice for a predicted influx of new patients. Reality brought some surprises in that arena, however, and more. New patient visits actually declined slightly in the first five months of the Affordable Care Act, according to a report from AthenaHealth.

NP autonomy expands in Kentucky

Nurse practitioners (NPs) in Kentucky can prescribe routine medications without a doctor's involvement starting this week--if they completed a four-year collaboration with a doctor,  Kaiser Health News  reported.

Talk past one another and watch healthcare costs inevitably rise

The United States has long been described as a melting pot. A group of volatile chemicals striving to reach the top of a beaker would be more accurate. That is among the reasons that healthcare in...

Under ACA, some cities' hospitals fare better than others

The Affordable Care Act's impact on U.S. cities--and by extension, their hospitals--has varied dramatically, according to a new study by the Urban Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

MGMA: ACA driving competitive physician-recruitment offers

Although reimbursement changes related to the Affordable Care Act make it  difficult for many practices to give their existing physicians raises, new  data  from the Medical Group Management Association suggests that the increased demand created by the law continues to drive more competitive offers to recruit new doctors.

Insurers already support HHS secretary nominee

So far, so good for U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Nominee Sylvia Burwell, who had health insurance companies sing her praises late Wednesday, reports The Hill.