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UnitedHealth reduces paperwork with genetic testing team-up; Ohio medical bills will have fewer surprises in 2016;


News From Around the Web

> UnitedHealth Group has been covering Foundation Medicine Inc.'s genomic profile test for patients with metastatic stage IV non-small cell lung cancer since Dec. 15 in order to reduce the need for out-of-network billing, which included a lengthy appeal process to justify payments, the Boston Globe reports. Article

> Under a rule that is set to take place in January, Ohio residents will be protected from surprise medical bills, and health insurers will be required to keep provider directories up-to-date, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Article

>  The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare recently made the decision to cut Medicaid reimbursement rates for in-home care for the developmentally disabled. The decision, which came last Friday, has garnered quite the negative response, with disability activists saying the move will negatively impact care, The Washington Times reports. Article

Healthcare IT News

> Some healthcare professionals are saying the Congressional Budget Office's history of overestimating the cost of new Medicare services poses a hindrance to expanded coverage for telemedicine, and there are four instances in which it overestimated new programs. Article

Healthcare News

> A new study reveals that in order to improve healthcare delivery and cut down on outcomes disparities, hospitals must increase their use of bedside point-of-care. Article

And finally… The history of letters to Santa. Article