Exchange officials hold back enrollment info from insurers


Health insurance exchanges opened for business last week, but insurers don't have a clear sense of how many people are enrolling in their plans.

Most federal and state officials running the online marketplaces so far have shared very little enrollment data with insurers. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has provided sporadic enrollment reports, at best, reported The Washington Post.

"We're not releasing that information yet," Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Marilyn Tavenner told reporters Tuesday, according to The Daily Caller. "We will be releasing enrollment statistics regularly, but we can confirm that people have enrolled both through the state marketplace and the federally-facilitated marketplace."

Mario Molina, CEO of Molina Healthcare, which is selling plans on nine exchanges, told The Wall Street Journal he's in the dark concerning enrollment numbers. "We don't know that we haven't enrolled anyone. We don't know that we have. We just haven't received any information."

In some cases, technical glitches plaguing exchanges throughout the country have kept insurers in the dark. Other states have actively decided to withhold enrollment numbers, mostly because complete information isn't yet available. California officials, for example, told Molina they won't provide enrollment data until Nov. 1, the WSJ noted.

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