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Did UnitedHealth Group outgrow AHIP?

"UnitedHealth has become a much more multifaceted insurer over the past several years"

UnitedHealth has remained mostly mum about why it is splitting from America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) at the end of this month--aside from saying it is no longer being well represented and that AHIP has "set forth a strategy and direction it feels best serves a membership profile and need that does not fit UnitedHealth Group and our diversified portfolio."

It's possible, however, that the nation's largest for-profit insurer and its diversified portfolio simply outgrew the nation's largest industry trade group.

"UnitedHealth has become a much more multifaceted insurer over the past several years," William Bithany, M.D., a healthcare management consultant, tells Health Care Dive.

Bithany points to UnitedHealth's Optum business line, which provides information and technology-enabled health services and expanded into patient care about four years ago, as a key example of the insurer's growth.

Additionally, UnitedHealth recently purchased pharmacy benefit manager Catamaran for $12.8 billion, which "makes it a powerful force in determining pharmaceutical prices and cements its ability to control healthcare formularies across many markets," he adds.

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