Cigna rebrands to emphasize community, expand reach in international markets


Cigna has rebranded itself with a new marketing campaign, shifting away from its individual-focused tagline "Go You" and moving toward a more comprehensive approach for both individuals and employer-based members.

With its new "Together, all the way" tagline, Cigna aims to create a sense of community and show how it is working with and advocating for members, reported the Hartford Business Journal.

Although Cigna's former "Go You" campaign was successful, it doesn't appeal to many overseas markets, where the insurer is increasingly growing its presence. Cigna has already entered health insurance markets in China, India, Turkey and the Middle East--all areas where family and community are more important than individualism. Cigna is betting that its revamped message will help it boost its international business.

"One of the things that Cigna learned when it was testing all the messages outside the U.S. is that the idea of being together really resonates well outside the U.S.," Cigna Spokeswoman Gloria Barone told the Hartford Courant. "So, the whole idea of somebody helping you and working with you was much more appealing to audiences outside the U.S."

The Hartford, Connecticut-based insurer will be promoting its new campaign on television and websites as well as in magazines and billboards. Plus, Cigna will use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to help spread its new message, the Courant noted.

The TV ads use personal stories designed to show that Cigna protects its customers, understands its members' needs and works collaboratively with providers to help its members live healthier lives, the HBJ noted.

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